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    Company Culture


    Company Culture

    Our Value:

    Achieving mutual development with our clients and our employee is always our mission since we were workshop with 3 employees, which has been made us grow and develop.

    Now Dehai Youli is a well-know brand and is famous for quality and service, and our first employee is our eyewitness and still following our development and creat more job opportunites.

    We value every client and our employee, be responsible to them


    Social Responsibility:

    Those who create happiness for others are the happiest in the end

    It is the common pursuit and highest spiritual realm of all Dehai family. Under the guidance of this spirit, Dehai Youli has formed a corporate atmosphere of honesty.

    Paired up with surrounding colleges, established visit&learn base .

    Evironment-friendly is the key to drive us to make a contribution to our mother land.

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